I’m a wife from Pennsylvania who loves to work from home and is planning to adopt children in the near future.  I have over 20 years of experience working in corporate America in the financial services industry in various roles including; client services consultant for b2b and b2c customers, client services trainer and supervisor, internet marketing, financial assistant and more.  I left the corporate world to focus on creating a family, improving work-life balance while still using my wealth of work experience to help other businesses.

I love that our partnership will contribute to a healthier environment.  Internet mail, blogs and websites save a lot of trees. In addition, there is less pollution in the air from not having to drive to work.  This makes working together eco-friendly and green.

I specialize in Content Writing.  I help business owners save many hours of time per article by researching the web and providing them with content to post on their blog, website, social platforms, email marketing and other web venues.  I’ll include keywords and captivating titles that will help optimize their blog post while catching their reader’s attention.  Also, the post will be scannable and easy to read.  The greatest part is their business gets full ownership and credited as the author.  They can work on other return on investment activities or have more personal time.   

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