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Email Organization For Your Internet Mail

Relax and let me file, clean and service your emails, so you don’t have to.

  • Do you have an Inbox that is out of control? Are your emails unorganized, unread and not responded to? 
  • Are you missing out on customer service and sales opportunities because you can’t get to your online mail in a timely manner? Is your business suffering as a result? 
  • Do you get too much internet mail, are overwhelmed and don’t know how you can fit the time in your schedule to read them? 
  • Would you love to have more time to work on the most important parts of your business; like generating more income or to use for personal time off; spending it anyway you wish?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above,

It’s time to let me organize your inbox


Did you know, the average white-collar worker spends 4.1 hours a day reading their emails. Wow…, that’s 20.5 hours weekly and just around 1,068 hours in one year. In fact, 1 in 4 small business owners believe that 1 extra hour in a workday would equate to over $500.  Given that analysis, 4 extra hours equates to over $2,000. Now, imagine what it would be like to have this extra time given back to you from hiring a remote consultant for 2 to 4 hours daily to manage your emails. 

  • You can spend more time on income generating business activities.
  • You get to spend more time with your spouse or children.
  • You can use the extra time for personal activities such as; longer lunches, running errands, working out at the gym, training and more.
  • You will dramatically improve time management and productivity with your work.
  • You’ll have more freedom, less stress and extra time to use as you wish. 


 I’m a wife from Pennsylvania who loves to work from home and is planning to adopt children in the near future. I have over 25 years of experience working in corporate America in the financial services industry in various roles including; client services consultant for b2b and b2c customers, client services trainer, client services senior, institutional account client relationship administrator, internet marketing, financial administrative assistant to the CEO, business owners and more. I left the corporate world to focus on creating a family, improving work-life balance while still using my wealth of work experience to help other businesses.

I love that our work partnership will contribute to a healthier environment. Internet mail, blogs and websites save a lot of trees. In addition, there is less pollution in the air from not having to drive to work. This makes working together eco-friendly and green.

I’m a business administration professional who specializes in helping business owners, entrepreneurs and highest suite level executives save an extra 2 to 4 hours of time daily in their schedule by filtering, organizing and maintaining their online inbox mail. Also, I help with Web Content Research. I have a BS from Temple University and a certificate in email (Inbox) management. I have training in Internet Research. Last, I took certification training in content marketing, email marketing and social web.

Why Choose My Services;

  • I have over 25 years of corporate work experience. I’ve received many letters from customers about my outstanding service. Also, I have trained and supervised customer service employees.
  • I’m US based, guarantee my work and will provide high quality service.
  • I have a Bachelor of Science from Temple University in Business Administration. I have a certificate in Email Management. Also, I took certification training in internet research, content marketing, email marketing and social web marketing.
  • I’ll keep all your information private, confidential and give you piece of mind.

Here’s what my clients have to say about me;

“After working with Mara for approximately a month, I can recommend her without reservation. “Mara is also extremely professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I never have to worry because her work is submitted right on time! I feel like Mara genuinely cares about my success, and I am signing a contract with her today to secure her continued support!”

Michele ~ Marriage Mojo

Email Clean Up And Maintenance 


This is for the small business owner, entrepreneur and executive who lives in their inbox. You’re spending 2 to 4 hours daily checking emails and are overloaded with too many. You have frustrated clients because it takes you too long to get back to them, or you missed an important email all together. Furthermore, you often have multiple email addresses delivering to a single inbox, or you’re checking multiple inboxes daily. You need help organizing and prioritizing, so you don’t miss anything AND so you don’t get distracted with non-essential email noise.

Deep Clean Inbox Email Clean Up

One time clean up and organization of emails.

  • Clean up of emails 
  • Set up folders or tags 
  • Set up filters for incoming emails 
  • Clean up inbox backlog (organize/tag/delete) 
  • Unsubscribe from junk and marketing lists 

Also, if you are a larger business, I can do this for the CEO, Founder and all of your executives.

Inbox Maintenance Plan

Keep your inbox spic and span clean 

  • Daily email inbox maintenance and organization. 
  • Daily inbox check to clear the clutter and tag high priorities. 
  • Maintain filters and labels, so you know what needs your attention. 


Keep your inbox spic and span clean with this maintenance package. I specialize in Gmail, however, I can help with Microsoft Outlook, mail.com and any other email service provider.

  • 3 hours weekly of initial clean up – Half off normal prices
  • 3 hours weekly of maintenance – $401 monthly

The initial clean up of your inbox will be at half the normal price. If you want to move forward to the monthly plan, you will only pay for monthly maintenance after the initial clean up.




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