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  • My first email communication letter sent through social web received three to four times the amount of views than any content I posted or shared. My blog had the second highest views through social web.
  • I victoriously published Wedding and Marriage Anniversary blog posts daily. In addition, I published a bonus article on how others can go from Friends to Marriage In Under Two Years and detailed the steps to do it. I became successfully engaged and got married during that time. I noticed an increase in others getting married successfully as well.

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“After working with Mara for approximately a month, I can recommend her without reservation.  She has been helping me with content generation (blog writing) and has taken what I’m able to produce on my website to the next level.  She is knowledgeable about various SEO strategies and has, in a few instances, taken the initiative to suggest improvements to my existing products and gone above and beyond to increase the quality and effectiveness of my articles.”

Michele – Marriage Mojo

“Mara is also extremely professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  I never have to worry because her work is submitted right on time!  She also offered to work with me for a discounted rate for an initial period so I could feel confident about what she is able to bring to my business. I feel like Mara genuinely cares about my success and am signing a contract with her today to secure her continued support!”

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