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  • Successfully gained a Marriage Coaching Client who is happy with my services within a month after creating 4 blog content drafts for her website similar to guest posts.
  • My first email communication letter sent through social web received three to four times the amount of views than any content I posted or shared. My blog had the second highest views through social web.
  • I victoriously published Wedding and Marriage Anniversary blog posts daily. In addition, I published a bonus article on how others can go from Friends to Marriage In Under Two Years and detailed the steps to do it. I became successfully engaged and got married during that time. I noticed an increase in others getting married successfully as well.
  • I wrote Success Stories similar to Case Studies that successfully increased department performance capturing more income to Vanguard. I was asked to write and manage the Success Stories for the Department after obtaining approximately $8 million from a client as an account relationship administrator.
  • I created and wrote an effective Training Technical Manual for a client that educated New Hires and Existing Managers on how to use a highly specialized system and service high-net-worth clients.
  • I successfully managed and worked on an internal department Newsletter for a client.
  • I wrote e-letters and e-articles to assist with instructional training that lead to improved performance.

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  • Received numerous awards and recognition from past clients for my work.  Some include; Spot Awards from Senior Management at Vanguard, Promotions when I worked directly for all employers, Best-In-Class Awards & Making a Difference Awards at PFPC, High Recognition for capturing $2 million from one client into TIAA-CREF and received bonuses from obtaining leads and capturing $12 million to $15 million yearly into TIAA-CREF.

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